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About us

Since 1982 the founder and head of the infertility clinic GYNANDRON, Prim. Dr. Georg Freude, is working in the fields of sterility and infertility.
He is one of the most comprehensive and long standing providers of assisted conception treatments and sterility surgery, especially microsurgery in Austria.

1985 the introduction of ultrasound guided vaginal follicular puncture was an important step for IVF to change to an outpatient procedure.
In this development Prim. Dr. Freude was fully involved. In 1992 the next revolution in assisted conception started with ICSI (Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection). This technique is dedicated to helping couples with a bad sperm quality of the male to achieve pregnancy.

To offer couples a full range of services with patient – friendly opening hours in the afternoon and evening, Prim. Dr. Freude founded the fertility clinic GYNYNDRON in 1999, located in 1120 Vienna. In cooperation with Dr. Romeo Zedwitz-Liebenstein, also an experienced specialist in fertility treatment, we can offer you a comprehensive and flexible service of the highest standard using the latest assisted conception techniques and minimal invasive gynaecological surgery.

All patients receive individualised treatment depending on their personal circumstances.Your advantage is that only two well trained specialists take care of you during your treatment and not daily changing doctors like in other fertility clinics usual.

In tight cooperation with the General Hospital HIETZING we can supply you with endoscopic surgery facilities for sterility diagnosis or for treating endometriosis and fibroids as well as hysteroscopic resection of intrauterine fibroids and polyps or microsurgery (e.g. reversal after tubal ligation). In many cases we can handle the fee with your general insurance without extra costs.Therefore the Fertility-clinic GYNANDRON offers you a cost- effective and broad scope of services for both male and female factor infertility.

Since 2006 Prim. Dr. Georg Freude is the President of the Austrian IVF-Society, which represents 6 public and 9 private IVF-clinics in Austria.

Since 2007 Prim. Dr. Georg Freude is also President of the newly founded Austro Hungarian Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (AHART).

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