The Head of the GYNANDRON Fertility Clinic, Prim. Dr. Georg Freude edited two books, concerning fertility problems.

Herzenswunsch Kind

Herzenswunsch Kind
“Herzenswunsch Kind”
Autoren: Georg Freude, Silvia Feffer
Broschiert: 160 Seiten

This book tells you how to make your dream to have a baby come true. You get information about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, especially about Assisted Reproductive techniques (IVF, ICSI) and their pros and cons.

Authors: Georg Freude, Silvia Feffer
Bound: 160 Pages
Publisher: Verlagshaus der Ärzte; Auflage: 1 (2004)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 390148843X
ISBN-13: 978-3901488436

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Späte Mütter, späte Väter

Späte Mütter, späte Väter
“Späte Mütter, späte Väter”
Autoren: Brandstätter, Freude, Frank
Axel Jentzsch
300 Seiten

Delayed child bearing is increasingly common in western societies for a number of reasons. These include the fact that many couples prefer to rear their children only after establishing a stable relationship and financial security. In addition, there are increasing numbers of late and second marriages. In many European countries, flats and house prices have become so high that there is a need for both partners to work which may delay the time at which they start trying for a family.Despite what you might think from the contemporary magazines (and the older mothers with small children that feature within their pages), there is a decrease in fertility (the ability to achieve a pregnancy) with advancing age. The decline is gradual over the reproductive life span of the woman; it is particularly noticeable over the age of 30 and accelerates between 35 and 40 so that fertility is almost zero by the age 45. Bear this in mind when you next see some of the high profile older mums who feature regularly in celebrity magazines – they may well have been the recipient of donor eggs from a 22 year old college student.The risk of miscarriage is also increased with age e.g. the risk of miscarriage at age 25-29 years is 10% while the risk at age 40-44 is 34%. Furthermore, advanced maternal age is also associated with an increased risk of congenital abnormality in the offspring. This book gives you detailed information about the mentioned topics an presents you some prominent “late mothers”.

Authors: Brandstätter, Freude, Frank
Publisher: Axel Jentzsch bei Linde 2004
300 Seiten
ISBN 3-7142-0006-1

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